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They say, “Dogs are man’s best friend.” That is why there will always be no doubt for us to grab one. Perhaps, the prettiest dog I would want to have is braddabrook. Aside from being loyal and protective, just like other dogs, they are very hairy and cute. Is it not lovely to see braddabrook as my companion? Well, without doing something, our fluffy dog will surely make us laugh. Our loneliness is over because this dog will help us reduce our depression. It will make us feel loved. Plus, we could have a healthy lifestyle because it can help us to become active in physical activities. We can play with them all day long. And of course, because they are true to us, it can save our lives. If you want to have one, you may check on freedirectorysubmissionsites.com.

A History of Braddabrook by Una Cornthwaite

Friends of mine owned a brown hairy dog who was afraid of flies - he used to jump on my knee as soon as one came into the room! I often took him for walks on Clapham Common. He was afraid of heavy traffic and we kept well away from the main roads crossing the common. We thought he was a mongrel but I wanted a dog like him once I had a place of my own. By that time I discovered he must have been a Beardie.


I bought my first Beardie, Rudbekia from Davealex in 1974. Becky was a highly intelligent dog and a real character. I learnt a great deal from living with Becky. My first show Beardie came a few years later - Romalia Rochelle at Braddabrook. Della was an absolute darling, having a very sweet nature and a constant desire to please, while Becky continued to dominate the Household for 17 years.

Becky and Della were my foundation stock and for a number of years the lines remained separate. Della's first litter to Ch Sunbree Sorcerer produced Braddabrook Fluffin at Beardievale. Five years later her daughter Miggy, Ellas Imogen at Braddabrook, also became a champion.   Five years later her son, Braddabrook OneinaMillion, was 'made up' hence giving me three generations of Champions. As you can gather from this my lines are slow to mature, but once there, they are stayers, Miggy winning the reserve Challenge Certificate and Reserve Best in Show at the EBCA Ch show when she was 10 and a half years old and at 12 years she was runner up in the final of the veteran stakes at City of Birmingham having won the stakes on a working day.

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There isn't anything more beautiful than the love, loyalty, and companionship between a dog and his owner. There is nothing quite like it; a strong bond that can bring such stability, strength, and joy into one’s life. Having a family dog enhances the quality of a person’s life. There is evidence that animal companionship reduces loneliness and gives a person a sense of wellbeing. Pets can influence people in ways that are different from human relationships. The presence of pets increases feelings of happiness, security, and it reduces the feelings of loneliness. Dogs can fill a person's emotional needs which can sometimes be substituted for the loss of a particular human attachment. That is why we started this website, to show how much a dog can influence a person’s life. Starting this website is not easy, but with the help of privacy policy generator, everything went smoothly as planned.

Braddabrook Botzaris at Fraglestone has both Becky and Della's lines behind him.  He was from the first  litter  which truly brought the two lines together. Della's son Mawgan, being his father, while his mother descended from a mixture of Davealex, Willowmead, Kimrand and Charncroft.

Braddabrook Beardies live 'en famile' with quite a few Cavaliers and two Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds. They go to the sea in winter when all the tourists have gone home and have their own field for daily exercise throughout the year. They are not kennel dogs, but family, except when the bitches are in season, and have full range of their large dog garden, house garden and house downstairs. I have to admit that six sleep upstairs too.

At Braddabrook, Beardies are largely line bred and I am fortunate that I started with the two bitches from different stock, both sound in body and steady of temperament. I am also fortunate that the dogs I used in those early days, Ch Sunbree Sorcerer, Ch Kimrand Simon and the Edenborough and Charncroft lines, built up stock where construction and movement is sound and not exaggerated and temperament steady. Later I used Ch Wellknowe Crofter, again a dog much admired for these reasons and Ch Wellknowe Hill Scout, who had Ch Charncroft Cavalade and Champion Osmart Bonnie Blue Braid behind him. In those days my Della line went back to Ch Edenborough Blue Bracken - is it any wonder I have bred quite a few blues in my time?


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